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NoiseTrade Staff Picks for 2018!

LONER – Singles
Caroline Rose
Caroline Rose’s LONER is a masterstroke of an album, and the three singles that proceeded it and are available here give you insights to the vast array of soundscapes and moods that encompass this career defining album. I found these songs on constant repeat all year long. If you’re not familiar, now’s your chance to change that! Don’t let 2018 pass you by without warming up to this stellar collection of songs.
– Chris Moon


Songs from ‘Don’t Talk About It’
Ruby Boots

Ruby Boots released one of my most favorite albums of 2018 (the adventurously rootsy Don’t Talk About It on Bloodshot Records) and this sampler captures many of the main reasons why. From ‘70s fuzz-inspired ONJ pop-charm to vintage doo-wop shuffles, Bex’s classic country croon sprinkles magic over the entire sonic thrill ride.
– Will Hodge


nine songs
Gregory Alan Isakov

Gregory Alan Isakov’s album this year is one of my favorites, and I love that we got to do a dedicated feature sharing songs from his new record and some of his best ones over the years. I love his atmospheric vocals, the warm acoustic instrumentation, and I think his lyrics are incredible.
– Monica Moser


Introducing Fantastic Negrito Sampler
Fantastic Negrito

I was so delighted and surprised to see Negrito show up in my inbox with the words “campaign/feature confirmation.” This is such a good intro for anyone who somehow still doesn’t know this artist—some epic songs coming off the heels of the truly epic events that have shaped him and his work.
– Sean Doyle


Fabulist Icons
Mike Rogers

I enjoyed this book about the daily lives of Def Leppard, their friends, and their crew, because it was a wistful look back to a bygone era when rock stars just had to be rock stars and that was enough. The photographs included in the book make it feel like a scrapbook diary of personal memories from a time and place very few people had the opportunity to visit firsthand. This book gives the reader a new appreciation for the band and for the classic rock era in general.
– Kaylie Caswell


Running Lean
Ash Maurya

As someone who likes to dream up big ideas, I appreciate Ash’s take on the importance of going beyond your initial idea to look at where it fits into the overall market. This perspective and guidance from his own personal experiences can help you leapfrog your own idea into something that has staying power.
– Chris Moon


Low Light Versions
Bronze Radio Return

These stripped-down versions from Bronze Radio Return’s Check One EP are a perfect addition to any winter soundtrack. Exclusive tracks you won’t find anywhere else, these should be just enough to hold you over until the band’s early 2019 album release.
– Carl Wilson


Giant Sings the Blues
Spanish Love Songs

I discovered Spanish Love Songs touring with them, and since they’ve taken the world by storm. On the come up for sure! This album is raw, authentic, and honest. Loud guitars, pounding drums, and a desperate look into the lives of 20 somethings. A great listen all around and one of the hardest working bands out there!
– Elijah Newman