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Letter from the Editor: Four New Editorial Series!


Greetings and salutations, beloved members of our NoiseTrade community!

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been diligently working to add some new components to our editorial blog that will allow us to share interviews, albums, tour announcements, news items, music videos, and more from artists and labels we love. While our traditional NoiseTrade One-on-One interviews will continue to coincide with certain features each week, we’ve got four brand new editorial series that we’ll be adding to the mix. After tightening the last couple screws, we are so excited that it’s finally time to roll them out.

First up is our new PledgeMusic Emerging Artist Spotlight interview series that we’ve recently unveiled with Mackenzie Shivers and Eliza Shaddad. This new interview series will focus on up-and-coming artists that we dig who are currently running a campaign with our partners over at PledgeMusic. Sometimes the artist will also have music available on our platform and sometimes they won’t, but you can trust that every artist we spotlight will be hand-picked and “worth your time” certified.

We’re also launching a third interview series called Catching Up With where we reconnect with an artist who has used the NoiseTrade platform at some point in the past and we chat with them about what they’re doing now. Our debut Catching Up With interviews will feature Ethan Luck talking about his new album Let It Burn and Matt Mays talking about his new album Twice Upon a Hell of a Time…

We’re also excited to announce our NoiseTrade Alumni Alert news series because once an artist uses our platform to connect with an audience, we grandfather them into the NoiseTrade community for life and keep our antennae tuned to let you know about whatever future projects they’re working on. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming album reviews of holiday releases from Sufjan Stevens, Ingrid Michaelson, Rosie Thomas, and more!

Finally, we’re unveiling our NoiseTrade New Music Tip Sheet that will run every Friday where we highlight three recommended picks from that week’s batch of new releases that we think you should check out at your local record shop or via your preferred online music distributor of choice. We low-key kicked this off last week with some of the Record Store Day Black Friday 2018 features that we were most excited about.

So, there you go! Four new editorial series to help you find your next musical obsession or to help you keep track of your current favorites. Also, if you have any recommendations or requests for artists that you think would fit well into one of these new series, feel free to drop me a line at or hit me up on twitter at @will_hodge.

Will Hodge
NoiseTrade Managing Editor