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Fan Connection – Sam B. and Sleeping At Last

In this week’s Fan Connections, Sam B. admires the music and creative discipline of Sleeping At Last. From discovering NoiseTrade’s functionality as a free music platform to enjoying Sleeping At Last’s Yearbook album to eventually uploading original music to NoiseTrade and building an audience, you won’t want to miss Sam B.’s Fan Connection story.

How did you first find out about NoiseTrade?
In 2010, a friend that I had just started a band with posted a link on Facebook about how you could download 25 songs for free. Legally! That sounded too good to be true since I had just deleted all music on my computer that I had downloaded illegally when I was younger. I remember texting him after I actually did download the songs, “Dude, that link really works!“ He was like, “Of course it does!”  I was surprised and instantly fell in love with NoiseTrade. What I downloaded was the NoiseMakers sampler. I still listen to some of these songs today!
What are the things that tend to grab you the most when you’re first discovering a new artist?
I know, I know, don’t judge a book by its cover, right? Honestly, though, beautiful cover arts have made me download many songs on NoiseTrade.  When it comes to the essence of the music though, I usually know very quickly if I want to continue listening to an album. I love rough voices, good storytelling, and live acoustic performances. Some of the records I downloaded through the years have deeply influenced my own songwriting as well, like Marc Scibilia, Drew Holcomb, David Ramirez just to name a few.  But also Rachel Platten‘s NoiseTrade EP from 2011 and many performances from Eddie’s Attic have left their marks on me.
Tell us what specifically first drew you to Sleeping at Last.
The Yearbook album was the first thing I listened to. I got it on NoiseTrade as well. What I loved was the idea to make a new EP every month. Holy smokes, this man must have had an incredible creative pressure or overload.  But much more importantly he had the discipline to finish this project. This made me want to learn from him.

How have you engaged with Sleeping at Last since first discovering them on NoiseTrade?
I have bought albums and have subscribed to his new Atlas series. I read every single one of his newsletters and love the personal style of writing. And most of the time I discover something new in his “Things I Love Right Now” part. Unfortunately, he hasn’t played a concert in Germany yet, even though I live here! If I get to fly to the United States in the next few years and there’s a concert coming up, I’m definitely going.
Has the way you ’ve connected via artists on NoiseTrade changed the way you have engaged with other artists that you have discovered outside of NoiseTrade?
It has definitely changed my way of experiencing and honoring art in general. I have donated to artists and I have started loving acoustic sessions or special versions of songs that are not available everywhere. Also, I have bought more music than before. And I have given away lots of my music as well. I have experienced how much bonding that creates between musicians and fans from both perspectives now and I have become a huge fan of giving away and receiving music as a gift. I recorded the very first concert where I played my own songs and put these songs on NoiseTrade, which gave me the first possibility to gain and build an audience. I have played over a hundred shows since and all my songs are available on NoiseTrade as well. I also give away songs to everyone who subscribes to my newsletter.  Actually, I just realized, NoiseTrade has influenced my sense of connection between fans and artists in a much deeper sense than I was actively aware of, so thanks a lot!