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Fan Connection – Kim S. and Joseph

We’re excited to announce our new ‘Fan Connection’ profile where we spotlight a member of our NoiseTrade community and their relationship with an artist they first discovered through our platform. Kicking the recurring series off is Kim S. and her love for indie-folk trio Joseph. Read on to find out how Kim first found out about NoiseTrade, what caused her to connect with Joseph’s music so deeply, and how NoiseTrade has affected the way she engages with other artists and bands.

How did you first engage with NoiseTrade? 

I first heard about NoiseTrade in 2011 while attending a NEEDTOBREATHE concert. Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors opened, and mentioned to the audience that we could download some of their songs for free from NoiseTrade. I loved how Drew and his wife Ellie’s voices blended together, and I’m always up for some free music. I visited the website, realized the gem I had uncovered, and haven’t looked back since. 

What are the things that tend to grab your attention the most when you’re first discovering a new artist?

Songs have a way of forcing our emotions. Triumph and self-confident danger, tragic brokenness and beauty, or even true selfless love and belonging; it’s easy for us to think of certain songs that set certain moods. 

I appreciate music that makes you feel – joy or sorrow – and lyrics that grab your heart, say things that you have experienced to be true. And I’m grabbed by creative artists who are able to do these things in engaging and talented ways.

I don’t like boring and empty. I have a little bit of an inherited disinterest in country music (I’m working on it). Otherwise, I’m open to just about any new artist I’m introduced to.

Tell us about what specifically first drew you to Joseph.

I began listening to their first album Native Dreamer Kin and was struck by their harmonies – in short, vocal perfection. I was gripped from the beginning; their voices effortlessly blend mournful tunes of heartbreak, hurt, and hope in stunning harmony. 

Joseph’s heart shines bright through each of their songs, folk melodies that at once make you want to dance, cry, and sing. They’re very real songs with beautiful lyrics, a kind of poetry that encapsulates thoughts, feelings, and fears we don’t always express with each other. Struggling to be known, wanting to love and be loved in return, seeking hope in darkness, learning to let go; growth, loss, anxiety, joy; a sum of the human experience.  

And it’s all woven among vocals that’ll make you shiver. Honestly, I was hooked from the beginning.

How have you engaged with Joseph since first discovering them on NoiseTrade? (Bought albums, attended shows, purchased merch, meet in person, etc.)

Living on the East coast forced me to wait a couple of years, but I was able to see them live for the first time in October last year with my own sister. We’ve grown up singing together and have mutually fallen for Joseph’s sibling-bond and harmonious genes. 

I’m unashamed to say that I cried most of that first concert. Joseph is as flawless on their albums as they are in concert. I saw them again this past March, and while there were less tears, hearing them openly discuss the meanings behind their songs, from heartbreak to anxiety and everything in between, echoed my own worried and bleeding heart. 

My sister gifted me with one of their shirts too. I love wearing it and telling others about them! Because honestly, these three sisters are such a rarity: a band gifted with stunning performance, vocal perfection, and emotional transparency. It doesn’t get much better.

Has the way you’ve connected with artists via NoiseTrade changed the way you’ve engaged with other artists that you have discovered outside of NoiseTrade?

NoiseTrade has helped me appreciate how vast the music industry is, how many talented artists there are. It’s definitely motivated me to go to more concerts; I’ve always loved live music, but when you visit an artist’s NoiseTrade page, you feel more connected to them. They are giving you their craft, a piece of themselves, at no charge to you – they’re quite literally giving you a gift. 

This makes me want to go to more concerts, to see artists in person and appreciate them live – to have more than a one-sided connection with them and to thank them.

Finally, what’s your current musical obsession, NoiseTrade-related or otherwise?

I was able to see Judah and the Lion (another NoiseTrade-introduced favorite of mine) during their current Going to Mars tour. One of the openers, Tyson Motsenbocker, also made me unexpectedly cry during the concert. I promise I’m not a weepy person, it’s honestly just these artists! His lyrics are raw and honest, especially with themes of God and love. His vocals are strong and beautiful. I highly recommend visiting his NoiseTrade page!

I also somehow missed the Avett Brothers bandwagon until recently – if you’ve heard about them, but never listened, take the time to do so. And Harry Styles’ most recent album – forget whatever you thought about the former boyband and give him a listen.