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FryeDays: Spotlight Interview with Cory Branan

FRYEWe’ve got FOUR DAYS of day parties planned during SXSW this year and we’ll be bringing you over 60 bands on both stages at The Blackheart. We’re partnering with Frye for our last two days (Thursday, March 16 and Friday, March 17) and you can RSVP here:

To help get you ready for the musical melee of our FryeDays day parties at The Blackheart (3/16-3/17), here’s a spotlight interview with Cory Branan.

NoiseTrade: Next month you’ll be releasing your brand new album Adios (out 4/7 on Bloodshot). What can you tell us about the writing and recording of Adios, as well as the themes and characters in your new batch of songs?

Cory Branan: It was written here and there since No Hit Wonder came out with the exception of a song I wrote after my father passed (“The Vow”) and an old ditty I had laying around that we threw into the sessions when we were screwing around (“Yeah, So What”). I noticed that many were about death in one way or another, so I’d say that’s the only through-theme, if there is one. A lot of what do you do with the left over pieces of life after the innocence/veneer wears off kind of stuff.

NT: While you normally tour as a solo act, you’ll be playing SXSW (and the rest of your tour) in front of a full backing band. What sparked this change and what songs (new or old) are you looking most forward to playing live in that full-band context?

Branan: I pick up a band here and there for festivals, but I wanted to do a long run leading up to the record with the songs fleshed out a bit. I mean, it’s still just a 3 piece but we’re bringing some heat. I’ve really enjoyed playing some of the bangers – “Blacksburg” and “Another Nightmare in America” – with some muscle behind me.

NT: If this is your first SXSW, what are you looking most forward to? If you’ve been before, what are you looking forward to experiencing again?

Branan: Oh, I’ve been many times. I’ve got a pretty packed schedule but I’m just looking forward to wandering aimlessly and stumbling on to new music in between tacos.

NT: Are you altering your normal setlist/show in any way for the SXSW audience?

Branan: Nah. Just going to play it by ear as always. I think I may have a steel guitar player sit in. I like to keep it loose.

NT: Are there any bands or panels at SXSW that you are planning to check out yourself?

Branan: No plans. Any suggestions?

NT: What made you pick the song you did for our NoiseTrade SXSW sampler?

Branan: Ha! I think we led off with that track because it’s not so much about literal death. I mean, at least in theory SXSW is supposed to be fun, right?