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Check Out Jason Mizelle’s New Single “Motown”

Country singer-songwriter Jason Mizelle’s new single “Motown” has been generating quite the buzz, including garnering heavy rotation during The Highway’s “On the Horizon” segment on SiriusXM. Read our quick chat with Mizelle about his thoughts on “Motown” and check out the nostalgic lyric video below.

NoiseTrade: Your new single “Motown” cleverly uses the famous Detroit music label as a metaphor for how you feel about a significant other. Where’d that idea first come from for this song?

Jason Mizelle: I walked into my co-writer’s publisher’s office to say hello before a writing session one day and they mentioned an artist looking for Motown type songs. I said, “I love Motown, why don’t we just write that hook”. So we did. We did a little homework and research, since with a hook like “Motown” we wanted to write the most accurate and respectful song that we could. Side note, The “Detroit old school bass line” lyric was originally “Detroit Hitsville bass line.”

NT: That opening melody riff evokes the quintessential Motown sound perfectly and really sets the tone for the whole song. Is it a play off any specific sonic inspiration?

Mizelle: There was no one song in particular, but we did listen to a bunch of Motown songs for inspiration. On that particular day writing “Motown” we were able to tap right into it.

NT: Is “Motown” a standalone single or will it be a part of a larger album project? What can you tell us about that album?

Mizelle: I would say that “Motown” is a tribute to the great classics of that genre. It was my way of paying homage to those artists and their influence on me. I don’t see myself doing a whole project of Motown songs right now, but you never know I guess… I’m open to it one day.

NT: What’s your favorite Motown song and your favorite Motown artist?

Mizelle: I managed to get that one referenced in “Motown” – “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” sung by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. It’s so soulful and amazing.