Making the most of your NoiseTrade Account

If you’re getting this email, it’s because you have signed up for an Artist, Author, Label or Publisher account on NoiseTrade. Presumably, you’ve got books or music to give away, and you want to connect with your fans. Here’s some best practices to make sure you’re getting the most out of your account.

Set up your account correctly.

Fan Facing Information: The content on NoiseTrade is available to download without an exchange of money, but it’s not totally free. Email addresses are valuable. When you’re setting up your account, keep that in mind. Make sure that, on quick glance, your content is worth it.

  • • There is a place to provide a bio (Artist/Author Tab) and a place to provide information about whatever you’re offering the NoiseTrade community (Album/Book tab.) Use these! The more information you give people up front, the more likely they’ll give you their email address and stay on your email list.
  • • Make sure your social and sales links work.
    • • Test them. Seriously. Publish your page and click the links. make sure they work.
  • • Unless you have one specific project you’re trying to promote, link to your Artist/Author page on sites like Amazon and iTunes so your new fans can see everything you have to offer quickly and easily.
  • • Make sure your For Fans Of have been filled in completely and with correct spelling. These are search fields, so if you list Bruno Mars, you’ll show up if someone searches for him on the site.

Backend account information:

  • • Make sure both your contact email and paypal emails are up to date and working. We are constantly watching the site for possible newsletter features, and we’ll reach out to the email address on the account. And getting your tips is pretty hard if your paypal email is wrong.

Provide a professional product:

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again: email addresses are valuable. Make sure you’re putting a professional product out for fans.

  • • Covers should be professional. Period.
  • • Music: Make sure your metadata is correct. I hate it when I add an album to my iTunes library and then can’t find it because there was no metadata.
  • • Books: Offer your books in all three formats (see Scrivener note in June’s Community Connect). Make it easy for your readers to actually read your book, regardless of what device they own.

Market Your Page:

  • • One of the many awesome things about NoiseTrade is the variety of content we offer. But that also means that your page can easily get buried.
  • • Share on socials.
    • • Remember when Facebook made those changes and no one was seeing your posts? If you can direct the people on your social sites to give you their email address, you have a way to connect with them, regardless of what changes Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform decides to make.
    • • Ask your friends and connection to share your page. Try to schedule these over the course of several days rather than having all of them hit at one time.
    • • Respond to and engage with fans that share for you
  • • Embed our Widget: Grab the widget link from your album/book page and use it to link your website directly back to your noisetrade offering.
  • • Add your page link to your bio on social sites, email signature, etc.
  • • Have cards made to give out at shows or book signings.
  • • Buy advertising on NoiseTrade to highlight and link back to your page. Email for more information.


Getting into a NoiseTrade Email

  • • Each week we send out at least four emails highlighting some of the best content on the site. The spots in each newsletter are paid marketing opportunities, however, they’re not straight ad buys. Each email is carefully curated by actual humans to ensure the best experience for both our creators (you) and our fans. If you want to be featured in an email, reach out to us. On the music side, email, on the books side, email
    • • In your email, include a link to the NoiseTrade page (or outside site, if it’s not up on NT yet) with the content you’d like to feature.
    • • If you’ve got a specific timeframe in mind, let us know.
    • • If you’re turned down for a feature, understand that it isn’t because we’re rude or mean. It’s because we truly want to support the artists and authors on our site, and if we don’t think you’re going to get an amazing response from the community, we’re not going to waste your money.

Follow up with your new fans.

  • • Follow up with your new fans within a few weeks to thank them for downloading and welcome them to your list.
  • • I wrote a whole blog post a few months ago about how the ins and outs of your email list. Check it out here if you need pointers.


Other random helpful information:

Changing Content:

When you offer something on NoiseTrade, it doesn’t have to be forever. You can remove your content whenever you like (if you’re featured in a newsletter, though, check with your NoiseTrade contact as there are minimum offering periods to make the most of your placement.) However, don’t delete your book or album! Doing so removes not only the content, but all of the information (email address, that page you meticulously set up, artwork, etc.) too. On both the Album and Books tab, there is a “Make Inactive” link about halfway down the page. When you click it, your content is immediately inactive and not available for download, but all of the associated info is still there.

Getting your tips:

We pay out tips on or around the 15th of each month for the previous month (so, on September 15, we will pay out tips earned from August 1 – August 31.) Make sure your paypal address is up to date as that’s how we distribute the tips.

What to offer:

I keep saying that email addresses are valuable, so “Free” isn’t really “Free” with NoiseTrade, but email addresses don’t pay the electric bill, so I know some people are hesitant to offer content through NoiseTrade that they may be able to charge for on other sites. I get it! Check out Chandler’s case study on Josh Garrels to make you feel better. But if you’re still nervous about it, here’s some ideas for other content:

  • • Music:
    • • Rare or unreleased tracks
    • • Live recordings
    • • Alternative versions of songs
  • • Books:
    • • Back catalogue
    • • Stand alone stories “in the world of” your latest book
    • • A collection of blog posts relating to the content of your books
    • • Bonus material: Book club extras, character interviews, scenes told in an alternate point-of-view
    • • Prequel material (Remember cutting all of that backstory? It’s great for this.)
    • • For best results, don’t offer excerpts. Our audience prefers to get their excerpts from Amazon and iTunes, where they can then one-click buy the whole book.