Will's Weekend Wrap-Up

Will’s Weekend Wrap-Up: Future Thieves, Dw Dunphy, ARMS, and Catherine E. Kovach

Hey there, gang! Summer’s here and the time is right for finding all of the air-conditioned joints in town, amiright?!? In my opinion, there’s not too many upsides to the ever-escalating temperatures save one – summer festival season is upon us! This is my first summer away from Nashville, which means it’s my first summer away from all of the Bonnaroo craziness encompassing this weekend. However, I am now just 10 minutes down the road from where Lollapalooza will be held next month. I cannot wait to compare the two experiences and report back! I’m sure a splendid time is guaranteed for all (and tonight Mr. Kite is topping the bill). Alrighty, get into all the things!

Future Thieves
Horizon Lines Teaser

After the release of their catchy debut EP last year, Future Thieves is already prepping for their full-length album follow-up Horizon Lines (due out in September). Horizon Lines Teaser is a four-song sneak peek EP that captures the all-American rock fury that Future Thieves has quickly become known for in their short time on the scene. While their sound draws comparisons to Tom Petty, Delta Spirit, and Drew Holcomb, it is lead singer Elliot Collett’s gruff croon that gives Future Thieves the immediate individuality that’s needed to set them apart from their inspirations. Opening track “Soon” wonderfully straddles the line between rumbling controlled thrill ride and potential derailment at any moment.

Dw Dunphy
“That Never Works” (single)

It’s no exaggeration to say that one-man-band Dw Dunphy has a treasure trove of cinematic instrumentals waiting to be discovered on NoiseTrade. People Wearing Masks has an entire album’s worth of them, but it’s the single “That Never Works” that has enticed my ears the most so far. There’s something about the melody and chordal tones of “That Never Works” that reminds me of the “a-ha” moment that transpires towards the end of a John Hughes film, although the tempo swings a little more than its cinematic counterparts. So I guess you could call it “slightly speed-up John Hughes epiphany music” – and really, what more could you want to listen to on a lazy weekend?

“Comfort” (single)

ARMS is a Brooklyn-based indie-rock duo consisting of Todd Goldstein (Harlem Shakes) and Tlacael Esparza and what I like most about “Comfort” is the charged atmosphere created by the push-pull interplay of Goldstein’s slippery, dreamy electric guitar work and Esparza’s energetic drumming. “Comfort” is from the band’s second EP – understatedly titled EP2 – and it’s such a strong track to introduce you to the unique ache of Goldstein’s voice and the overall sound of ARMS.

Catherine E. Kovach
Evangeline (eBook)

How can you not be intrigued by a book about a five-year, revenge-fueled, monster-hunt across Victorian-era Europe? Catherine E. Kovach’s Evangeline follows Oliver Chattoway as he tracks the creature that killed his family and meets the mysterious Evangeline along the way. Part thriller, part travelogue, and part Frankensteinian “who’s the real monster?” allegory, Evangeline is an intriguing page-turner (screen-swiper?) that’s worth your weekend.

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